Tyron Woodley urges KSI accept poll results for next boxing opponent and fight him

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Tyron Woodley challenges KSI to boxing match

Former UFC champ Tyron Woodley has called out YouTube star KSI for a boxing match after the influencer created a poll asking fans who he should fight next — and Tyron came out on top.

Tyron Woodley is intimately familiar with the world of influencer boxing. On top of his lauded career as a four-time UFC champ, he’s taken on one of the net’s biggest stars in the boxing ring two times: Jake Paul.

Paul won their first match by split-decision in August 2021, and the two touched gloves once again later that year for a rematch that Jake took by knockout in the sixth round.

After defeating Tyron Woodley twice over, Paul struggled to lock down an opponent in 2022, but finally signed a contract to box MMA legend Anderson Silva this October, despite having his eyes set on KSI.

KSI has also recently gotten back into the boxing ring, defeating British rapper Swarmz and Mexican pro boxer Luis Pindea in a single night… but fans want him to take on Tyron Woodley next.

On September 14, KSI published a poll asking his fans who he should pick for his next bout, providing options between Woodley, mixed martial artist Dillon Danis, YouTube-boxer Slim Albaher, and influencer-boxer-licensed doctor, Doctor Mike. Woodley came out on top with 38% of the votes.

Jake Paul brought up KSI’s poll during a September 29 episode of his ‘BS’ podcast, which featured Woodley as a celebrity guest. After discussing the results of the poll, Woodley couldn’t help but officially put KSI up to the test.

Tyron Woodley challenges KSI to boxing match: “Sign the paperwork”

“I was the most voted? He gotta fight me then,” he challenged. “If he got a lot of votes on it, and he put it out there to see… I mean, I can do that and get away with it, but you guys can’t, because y’all whole s**t is like, ‘I won’t do this. I bet you I will f**king do it,’ right? You gotta put yourself out there because it’s kinda the world y’all live in.”

“If he put a whole poll out, and everybody wants to see me fight him, then why would you put the poll out and not fight?” he asked. “Sign the paperwork. It’s easy for me.”

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This isn’t the first time Tyron and KSI have clashed; the two lashed out at each other on Twitter after Jake urged KSI to fight Tyron earlier this month, with KSI joking that Jake had Tyron “on a leash.”

For now, it’s unclear who KSI will be facing off with next — but if his current feud with Dillon Danis is anything to go by, it’s looking like a bout between these two stars is most likely to happen.

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