Dillon Danis takes shots at KSI & Logan Paul as January fight rumors swirl

Alec Mullins
KSI and Dillon Danis in feature image

MMA fighter Dillon Danis has had quite the beef with KSI in 2022 and this time around the Bellator combatant has pulled Logan Paul back into the fray as well.

JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji and Logan Paul are not only two of the most successful influencers-turned-boxers out in the world, but they’ve also transformed their old rivalry into a close friendship.

That’s why Danis, in hopes of stoking the fires of his rivalry with KSI, tagged the elder Paul brother with some heated remarks, putting all three of them in the center of this interconnected beef.

Dillion Danis takes a shot at Logan Paul and KSI as eventual fight rumors swirl

While things have been tumultuous between Danis and Olatunji for a while now, many fans suspect a fight is inevitable at this point. KSI even offered up the bet that the loser should let the winner shave their head in the event that the two do eventually square off.

While there’s no confirmation of that happening just yet, the MMA representative surely hasn’t let his rival forget how he feels about him. His latest tweet not only questions the other man’s bravery, but also insults his best friend along the way.

“Why you been so quiet p****y? Scared of a real fight? You’re literally all talk just like your fake bff
Logan Paul,” the fighter tweeted.

Paul had previously offered to box the mixed martial artist himself on KSI’s upcoming undercard in January, but Danis’ comments could be a sign that this fight has yet to be locked in.

Regardless of how the matchups work out in the end, it’s clear that one of the two YouTubers (if not both) are on a collision course with ‘El Jefe’ and that this game of roasts won’t be ending anytime soon.

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