Jake Paul slams “bullsh*t” split decision in Tyron Woodley fight

Jake Paul calls out “bullsh*t” split decision with Tyron WoodleyShowtime

After beating Tyron Woodley via split decision, Jake Paul called out the boxing judge who scored the fight in favor of his opponent, claiming it was “bullsh*t” he didn’t get the unanimous win. 

Jake Paul went into the fight against Tyron Woodley as the bookies’ favorite, and he proved them right, beating the former UFC Welterweight champion via split decision after going the distance in eight rounds.

It was a good fight right out of the gate, but even though momentum shifted several times throughout the fight, Paul landed more clean shots overall and did enough to convince the judges he deserved the win.

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Well, except for one.

The first and third judges scored the fight 77-75 and 78-74 in favor of Paul. However, the second one scored it 75 – 77 in favor of Woodley, believing he did enough to warrant a win despite throwing and landing fewer punches.

Naturally, it didn’t sit well with Paul, who expressed his disappointment over the decision in the post-fight interview.

“Let’s be honest, that’s bulls**t. Especially in my hometown, where’s that judge at? He hit me with one shot the whole fight,” he said.

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However, he didn’t let that take the shine of his victory and claimed it shows the world why he’s a serious fighter.

“Got eight rounds under my belt. Who goes eight rounds in their first fight? I’m doing things no one’s done.”

Woodley wanted a rematch, but Paul turned him down — unless he gets a tattoo proving he’s dedicated to the cause — claiming he’s had his chance and wants a new challenge.

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Many believe he could be referring to Tommy Fury or Conor McGregor, but it’s all speculation for the time being.