Twitch under fire for banning streamer because her child used chat


A Brazilian streamer is calling out Twitch after she was banned indefinitely from the platform after her daughter started interacting with chat while she was picking up food deliveries.

UPDATE – December 21 at 7:20 PM

Twitch has unbanned Tayhuhu after the platform received massive backlash. So far, the site hasn’t commented on why it decided to revert its indefinite ban on the streamer, and Twitch doesn’t publicize details regarding suspensions for individual streamers.

The news seems to have helped her too, as she is currently broadcasting to over 2,000 viewers, far beyond her prior highs of 300 on average.

Original story follows:

Tayhuhu, who plays Valorant for INTZ’s all-female team explained why Twitch banned her on a Twitter thread early in the morning on December 21.

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According to the streamer, who was so upset she started crying, her daughter showed up on the stream without her knowledge when she was out getting groceries.

Twitch doesn’t allow anyone under the age of thirteen to on its site, let alone streamers, even though the account didn’t belong to Tayhuhu’s daughter to begin with.

The ban couldn’t have come at a worse time for the streamer, who claims to have been evolving on Twitch right as she was kicked from the platform, reaching around 300 viewers on average per broadcast.

“The business was helping me help my family,” she further added.

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Tay further added that her father and grandfather were overseas working in Japan to earn money and she felt like she was genuinely contributing to the house’s income to help out.

Valorant pro Tayhuhu INTZ
Tayhuhu plays Valorant professionally.

“I could finally call this a job, and not just a dream, and I got a f**king indefinite ban,” the distraught streamer exclaimed.

The community is also rallying behind Tay in her time of need. A petition for Twitch to unban the Valorant pro has received over 1,000 signatures in just one day.

While the ban may be “indefinite” that doesn’t necessarily mean that she won’t ever be returning to Twitch. Fellow streamer Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors received an indefinite ban earlier in 2020, but is going to be allowed back on the site sometime after Christmas.

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tayhuhu in her team jerseyTwitter/tayhuhu_
Tay’s ban has many fans upset.

Nonetheless, the ban is yet another controversy facing the platform, which had a year riddled with DMCA drama, censorship, and the mysterious purge of Dr Disrespect, to name a few.

Hopefully, the backlash will result in Tayhuhu being allowed back on the site, but until then she is streaming over on Facebook Gaming until this whole ordeal is settled.