xQc roasts “boomer” Dr Disrespect after he mocked his content

Georgina Smith
xQc and Dr Disrespect side by side

Streamer xQc has responded to Dr Disrespect’s brilliant roast about him playing Bloons on stream, calling Doc a “boomer” and getting up to imitate his dance moves to his audience.

xQc and Dr Disrespect are two of the biggest personalities in streaming, with neither star afraid to speak their mind, or take playful jabs at their fellow streamers for the entertainment of their viewers.

The combination of the two streamers is one that people love, and even though Dr Disrespect no longer streams on Twitch after being banned, the two stars find ways to troll each other cross platform.

Doc called out Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel in a Twitter video that showed him right by a screen of Felix playing Bloons, a brightly colored 3D tower defense game.


After a slow turn to the camera, the streamer said “xQc, you got 60,000 people watching you play Bloons Tenacious Destruction 6. Whatever the f**k it’s called. Are you f***ing kidding me?”

His video on Twitter managed to rack up thousands of likes and retweets. Viewers found it hilarious, and didn’t hesitate to share the video with xQc. When he opened it on stream he clearly looked amused by the call out, but was straight back with a roast of his own.

“Guys, this boomer dude needs to reconsider the entertainment mother f***er! He needs to reconsider entertainment,” he said.

“This is Doc’s old entertainment standards,” he continued, before getting up to imitate some of Doc’s dance moves, and he certainly put his all into it.

This isn’t the first time Felix has called Dr Disrespect a ‘boomer.’ Back in November 2019 Doc made a joke complaining about xQc streaming Pokemon to 30k viewers, to which he simply replied “ok boomer,” gaining him 27,000 likes.

Chat was loving xQc’s perfect roast, the interaction between the two hugely popular streamers having fans eager for the pair to interact more.

The clip managed to rack up 142,000 views on Twitch, and people will no doubt be keen to see whether Dr Disrespect has another comeback of his own.