Twitch streamers QTCinderella & Babbsity get into heated argument… after a Mario 64 race

Luke Edwards
Babbsity streaming on Twitch on left, QTCinderella streaming on right.

After a tightly fought Mario 64 race of all things, Twitch streamers Babbsity and QTCinderella got into an argument that quickly boiled over.

QTCinderella has been embroiled in a handful of controversy lately. After partner Ludwig Ahgren shared his thoughts on fellow content creator Adin Ross, a spat between two sides of the streamer coin broke out, with the likes of RiceGum coming out in support of Ross.

On June 4, QT and friend WillNeff had their Instagram accounts banned, and QT alleges this was due to mass reporting from supporters of RiceGum and Ross.

And QT was caught in another feud with a content creator just a day after her Instagram ban, this time after losing a Mario 64 speedrun race to Babbsity.

QTCinderella and Ludwig
QT publicly defended boyfriend Ludwig after a spat with Adin Ross.

In the first game of the series, Babbsity picked up the win with a time of 35 minutes and 57 seconds – two minutes faster than QT, and the loser was starting to feel the heat. “I was f***ing years away,” QT said. “That was awful… It was not fun for me.”

And QT couldn’t shake off the frustration for the second round, as she lost again with Babbsity beating her previous time by over a minute. “I forgot how much I hate playing this game,” QT reiterated, clearly annoyed by things not working out for her.

But when Babbsity tried to poke fun at QT, the situation became much more tense. “I think you’d like the game if you were good,” she told QT, and the GenG content creator was not happy.

QT replied: “I think you’d like streaming Babbsity if you were good at it too, but I guess you just have to hang out with Simply [her boyfriend], huh?”

Babbsity couldn’t help but retort herself. “Surprised Ludwig didn’t have to help you with your BLJ’s (Mario 64 jumping mechanic) since he helps you with your content,” she said.

The conversation suddenly become more tense, as QT replied, “don’t f***ing come to me just because you beat me, Jesus Christ. You’re only relevant because you talk to Simply, so don’t f***ing talk to me like that.”

After QT left the voice chat, Babbsity shared her thoughts with her viewers, and explained why she won’t hold a grudge against her fellow streamer.

“Maybe she’s just frustrated,” she said. “I watch her all the time, I like her as a streamer, I think she’s awesome, so no actual beef.”

While QT is yet to respond publicly, it seems this was more competitiveness getting out of hand than anything overly nasty.

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