QTCinderella reveals her “biggest regret” of the 2024 Streamer Awards

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QTCinderella revealed her “biggest regret” of the 2024 Streamer Awards, calling the audio issues with Maximilian Dood’s Legacy Streamer Award “crushing.”

QTCinderella put on the third-ever Streamer Awards in February 2024, recognizing the best and brightest in online entertainment.

While the event featured fun performances from artists like bbno$ and saw some hilarious moments, there were a few instances during the show that sparked criticism from viewers.

One of the most prominent of these took place during the presentation of the Legacy Streamer Award, which went to longtime fighting game streamer Maximilian Dood.

Maximilian Dood took home the Legacy Streamer Award thanks to his illustrious career in fighting games.

QT’s editor had created a special video with highlights from Max’s streaming career — but audio issues plagued the footage, turning what was supposed to be a special, much-deserved moment into what many viewers felt was a slap in the face for the seasoned creator.

QTCinderella “crushed” by Maximilian Dood award audio problems

QTCinderella addressed the issue during a Q&A stream after the Awards, where she called the situation her “biggest regret” of the evening.

“The audio not working during Maximilian’s Legacy Award was crushing,” she admitted. “My editor, Warden, worked so hard on that video.”

QT explained that she’d watched the video many times over, and had tested it on multiple occasions to ensure everything ran smoothly, saying the audio had no problems before the actual moment it was set to air live.

“People keep asking me what happened. I don’t know. And I will say, Max is the most amazing person ever that could have received it. He was so humble, he was not mad.”

QT apologized to Max when she returned home, telling him she was “so sorry” for the audio problems — but he was exceedingly graceful about the ordeal, and even popped into her chat to smooth things over.

“Tech issues are my middle name,” he wrote. “Seriously, no worries at all.”

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Luckily, it looks like things are a-okay between Max and QT. It’s a common saying within the fighting game community that “streaming is a blowup,” and tech issues are not an infrequent occurrence in live events, whatsoever.

The official video for Max’s award is also available to watch on YouTube, which QT said she made sure was uploaded as soon as possible.

QT claims that she’s making changes to ensure a better show for next year, promising that “every year, my goal is to make it better.” She assured fans that the Awards will return next year, but will look a bit different than the last two iterations, explaining that she’s choosing a smaller venue among other changes.

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