Hasan mocks RiceGum after he threatens to “smack the f**k” out of him

Twitch: ricegum, hasanabi

With arguments picking up across two very different sides of Twitch, popular YouTube star Brian ‘Ricegum’ Le has threatened to “smack” popular political streamer HasanAbi over comments made about his ‘social skills’.

The beef started when Ludwig clashed with rapidly rising Twitch superstar Adin Ross, calling him the “King of normie content” on the platform.

Since then, they have had a sporadic back and forth and clearly aren’t the biggest fans of one another, and this looks to be leaking out into their friendship groups too.

With Ricegum on Team Adin and Hasan on Team Ludwig, we could see a real Twitch rivalry starting to kick off.

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ricegum gucci hoodieInstagram: rice
Rice has seen a lot of success on YouTube and Twitch.

During his June 2 stream, Ricegum was watching clips and videos of Hasan talking about Adin, Ricegum, and their crew when he sees Hasan say that “part of the reason they originally started doing YouTube is that they couldn’t make friends.”

Naturally, Rice wasn’t happy with the suggestion that he had no “social skills” and went on a strong rant directed at Hasan. “Bro I made this sh*t so I could f**king cash out bro, you’re dumb as f**k bro,” he said. “I made my YouTube because I f**king wanted to make f**king money, bro.”

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He continued: “What the f**k don’t you get? I want to retire my parents, I wanted to buy some clothes, I wanted to not work, I wanted to not go to college, I wanted to have really pretty girls around me… It wasn’t because I didn’t have friends. You’re dumb as f**k bro.”

Timestamp 5:55

Rice goes on to clarify that he was “on the basketball team, so 10 of those guys were my friends,” before threatening to “smack the f**k out of” Hasan for what he said.

Before long, Hasan had seen the clip and reacted to it on stream, laughing at Rice’s threats and making a joke of the fact that he is only 5’8” tall, clearly not believing Rice to be a threat.

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With influencer boxing still being the in thing, with Logan Paul set to fight Floyd Mayweather and the big YouTubers vs TikTokers event taking place, it’s not impossible that we see Ricegum and Hasan take to the ring too.

Whether it actually happens seems a little more unlikely… Especially with Rice suggesting he has a fight with Gabbia Hanna in the works.