Twitch streamer furious after viewer steals YouTube milestone plaque

YouTube: twomad / YouTube

Popular content creator ‘twomad’ was left fuming after a viewer stole his one million YouTube subscriber plaque live on-stream.

Twitch streamers often try to take every precaution possible when broadcasting live to thousands of viewers, fom obscuring their IP address to hiding their search history. However, information tends to slip through the cracks every now and then in a quick lapse of judgment.

Twomad was in the midst of a celebratory stream on April 7 when he accidentally let some vital information appear on-screen.

YouTube awards creators for reaching huge milestones with these unique plaques.

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Known for prank videos, amusing commentary, and meme compilations, twomad has grown quite the following across social media. Especially on YouTube where he boasts more than 1.12 million subscribers.

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Upon reaching the million subscriber landmark, every YouTuber is awarded a golden plaque. This is a unique accomplishment that put twomad in rarified air, though the physical gift was snatched from him during an April 7 stream.

Glossing over his creator studio on YouTube while broadcasting on Twitch, he accidentally revealed a one-time-use code to redeem his golden play button.

“Don’t use my f***ing code,” he joked before realizing that the 12-digit combination had, in fact, already been stolen by a viewer in chat. 

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“Yo, for real, don’t f*** with me,” he snapped. “That’s my one million plaque. Are you f***ing kidding me?”

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As he tried to redeem the code for himself, an error message appeared. A viewer from his chat had already grabbed the combination and secured the play button.

“Give it back, what the f*** are you doing? Give it back you f***ing people,” he repeatedly yelled before throwing his arms up in frustration and leaving his desk.

“Someone stole my 1 million subscriber code while I was livestreaming my desktop,” he later tweeted, asking TeamYouTube if they could “[please] help.”

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With such a huge following on the platform, it’s likely that twomad will be able to speak with YouTube support staff and fix the situation. After all, the content creator has video-evidence of the theft.

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This mishap should serve as a lesson moving forward, however, and the streamer will likely be far more cautious when sharing screens in the future.