Overwatch player slams streamer after being asked if she’s Pokimane

Virginia Glaze

A Twitch streamer was left floored after being thrashed by an Overwatch player, who’d apparently lost her cool after being asked if she was Pokimane one too many times.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is a hugely popular streamer on Twitch, best known for her hilarious undercover interactions with fans in games like Fortnite.

However, Pokimane isn’t known for playing Overwatch — but that didn’t stop fellow streamer ‘Somjuu’ from questioning if he was playing with the star during a competitive match in early April.

Pokimane is a hugely popular streamer on Twitch, leading to a bit of confusion between an Overwatch player and streamer during an April stream that quickly went off the rails.

Somjuu was on mic with a player named ‘Poki,’ prompting him to tentatively inquire if she was the internet celebrity so known for trolling players undercover.

However, her response was decidedly less enthusiastic, instead thrashing Somjuu for asking the question and implying that she had to be the “real Poki.”

“Is that an original callout about my name?” she asked sarcastically. “Holy s**t dude, you’re actually so hilarious, like I’ve never heard that before. Like, you’re actually so f**king funny, dude. Actually, I’m dying in my chair right now.”

Genji player “Somjuu” was left stunned after a player named “Poki” gave him a verbal thrashing for asking if she was the famous streamer by the same name.

Completely blindsided by the player’s unexpected response, Somjuu’s facial expression quickly turned bewildered, zooming in on his facecam as the player continued her rant.

“Like, I’ve never heard something so original!” she added. “You’re so funny! Holy f**k!”

“Woah woah woah, what the f**k did I say?” Somjuu asked in shock. “What the f**k? What did I do? What did I say wrong? Who’s Poki?”

Somjuu was finally able to get a response from the player, who clarified that she wasn’t offended, but rather found his comments lackluster.

“Let’s be honest — why did you get offended when I said, ‘It’s the real Poki?”

“I didn’t get offended, I’m just saying that you’re not funny,” she replied.

Unfortunately, it seems that Somjuu had this Poki confused with another streamer other than Pokimane — something that left the player confused, with Somjuu ultimately concluding that she was “tripping” over a simple miscommunication.

Their misunderstanding aside, Somjuu’s reaction to the conversation makes for a hilarious clip that everyone can relate to after unintentionally stepping on someone’s toes.

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