Sweet Anita outraged after stalker released by police

Twitch personality “Sweet Anita” boasts a dedicated fanbase thanks to her witty humor, easygoing personality, and acute Tourette Syndrome – but one of her fans is taking their enthusiasm too far.

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While many internet stars receive their fair share of online harassment, Anita revealed that she’s been dealing with a stalker in the real world, as told in a Tweet on November 7.

According to Anita, her stalker had “spent hours” outside of her home, slept behind her property, and had even assaulted her, allegedly harassing her for over a month before being detained by local law enforcement.

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However, it doesn’t look like the offender will remain in police custody, nor even receive a proper punishment, as the streamer told in a series of outraged Tweets the very next day.

Despite his abhorrent behavior, Anita claimed that her stalker was released with naught but a “caution” – a disturbing development, considering that he’s reportedly moved within a four-minute distance of her home.

Tweet4Nita, TwitterTwitch star “Sweet_Anita” claims that she’s suffered from a slew of online stalkers during her career as an entertainer – but one of these harassers has taken their antics to the real world.
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“The stalker was caught and detained last night,” Anita wrote. “He had a knife on him. After taking my screenshots, recordings, a witness statement of the assault from me and a friend, AND having his confession to harassing me, he’s been released with a caution.”

The streaming star went on to express exasperation with the police’s response to the matter, writing, “I’m very used to the lack of protection from the police at this point. I guess I’ll have to get used to seeing him around, too.”

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Needless to say, Anita’s fanbase is wracked with worry over the ordeal, urging the broadcaster to make a bigger stink out of the matter for her own safety.

“You actually need to blow this up, out of proportion, make it huge,” one fan replied. “…if someone is honestly stalking you and showing signs of being harmful, you’re in danger, too. Many [times] these things are left alone, and someone gets hurt.”

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“It’s so bizarre how little concern there is for circumstances such as this,” another Tweeted. “…At the very least, you should seek a restraining order.”

Anita has yet to speak further about the incident at the time of writing this article, but fans are hopeful that the situation will be properly resolved sooner rather than later.

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