Twitch streamer permabanned for running over dog moves to Kick

Michael Gwilliam
sidneuke banned after running over dog on twitch

A Twitch streamer who was banned on the platform after she ran over a dog with her car has been forced to change platforms.

In February, Polish Twitch streamer ‘sidneuke’ went viral after she was driving while looking at her phone and didn’t notice some dogs on the road.

The distracted streamer then ran over one of the animals in a clip that spread like wildfire through the Twitch community, resulting in a permaban from the Amazon-owned platform.

Although the streamer would later claim that the dog was fine and was back to running like a joyous pup with no fractures, her Twitch ban has forced her to move to Kick.

Banned streamer who ran over dog moves to Kick

It’s not clear when the streamer first joined Kick, but according to past broadcasts, she went live on the site in February 2023 to play The Witcher.

Despite her time on the platform, she’s only managed to amass 127 followers so far.

Kick has proven to be quite the controversial platform so far with one streamer, HeelMike, only receiving a one-day ban after having oral sex during a live broadcast.

She also doesn’t appear to be driving in any of her VODs, though it’s unknown if this was a personal choice or if she’s facing any ramifications for her distracted driving ordeal.

twitch ban
Sidneuke has been banned on Twitch.

Previously, Polish Media reported that Animal Protection was aware of the incident and alerted it to the prosecutor’s office citing “empathy and social duty.”

Sidneuke also says she is in touch with the dog’s owner, but it’s unknown if she had to pay any veterinarian bills or what legal consequences she may be facing following the Twitch ban.

In the meantime, Kick continues to see waves of streamers transition to the platform including Adin Ross, Hikaru, and more on the way according to Trainwreck.