Trainwreck teases massive Kick signings as feud with Twitch continues

Shay Robson
Trainwrecks with logo

Former Twitch star and Kick co-founder Trainwreck has teased massive streamer signings as the rivalry with the Amazon-owned platform continues.

Launched in early 2022, Trainwreck’s new streaming platform Kick has gained mass popularity within the streaming community — and has quickly become a top rival with Twitch over the last couple of months.

With massive incentives, such as a 95/5% subscription revenue split, and lucrative deals for top talent, more and more creators are inclined to start streaming on Kick.

We’ve even seen some of Twitch’s biggest creators make the switch to the new platform, including Adin Ross — who signed “biggest streaming deal ever” to join Kick after his permanent Twitch ban.

However, as the platform’s rivalry with Twitch continues, Adin Ross may not be the only star joining the platform.

Trainwrecks teases massive Kick signings

In a March 26 tweet, the Kick co-founder revealed that another six signings are to be announced, which he claims will leave his rivals “shook.”

“When these next 6 signings are announced, Twitch and all of its puppet f**k faces will be shook,” he wrote.

Fans quickly began speculating who the signings could be, with one suggesting that Kai Cenat, Asmongold, BruceDropEmOff, Sodapoppin, and Hasanabi could be the next ones to make the switch to Kick.

Recently, Trainwreck even eyed up the idea of signing ‘industry titan’ Asmongold to his platform, promising the veteran streamer as the contract he deserves if Twitch doesn’t lock him down.

Furthermore, Sodapoppin, who’s been streaming on Twitch since 2012, has toyed with the idea of joining Kick if he was offered a $1,000,000 contract.

It’s unclear Trainwreck and Kick have up their sleeves next for the platform, but it’s certainly exciting to see some competition in the streaming world.