Twitch streamer accused of running over dog with car under investigation

sidneuke allegedly runs over dog on streamTwitch/sidneuke

Authorities in Poland are investigating and the prosecution has been notified after a Twitch streamer allegedly ran over a dog while using her phone.

Twitch streamer ‘sidneuke’ faced the wrath of the internet earlier in February after a horrific incident where she appeared to run over a dog on the road.

The incident occurred only when the streamer began looking at her phone and reading Twitch chat. With her eyes off the road, she appeared to hit a dog and there may have been other animals around at the same time.

Although Twitch banned sidneuke, likely for distracted driving, there could be far more serious consequences on the way.

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Twitch streamer investigated after allegedly hitting dog with car

According to Polish media, the Lower Silesian Inspectorate for Animal Protection has been made aware of the incident and has alerted the prosecutor’s office.

“We decided to notify the prosecutor’s office in this case. The first issue that is beyond doubt is that dogs should not run free,” they said in a statement. “However, since they were already running, then: [she] should [have] stopped and reacted. It’s empathy and social duty.”

(Warning: the video may be disturbing to some viewers)

It should be noted that in Poland, it’s against the law to be using a cell phone while driving and the alleged crash just makes the situation that much more serious.

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Following the incident, sidneuke privatized her social media platforms and has yet to address her actions or her Twitch ban. It’s also not known how long she will be banned or if the Amazon-owned site is working with Polish authorities.

This is hardly the first time that alleged animal abuse has been a hot topic on Twitch. Infamously, popular streamer Alinity found herself in trouble after she “tossed” her cat during a game of Apex Legends.