Twitch CEO steps in after streamer gets permabanned for playing piano

Michael Gwilliam
twitch streamer AnimalisaKeys playing piano

A streamer was stunned after she was suddenly banned for playing the piano and even Twitch CEO Dan Clancy was left gobsmacked.

It’s not uncommon for streamers to suddenly be banned on Twitch for odd reasons, but lately, the company’s own boss has been forced to step up and deal with suspensions personally.

On May 26, Twitch streamer AnimalisaKeys was playing her piano during a broadcast when she was randomly hit with an indefinite suspension from the platform.

Upset, she took to X looking for answers. “Hey Twitch, can you explain why I got indefinitely suspended for doing literally nothing except playing piano? Nobody in my ~30 viewers saw or heard anything happen that could remotely justify this,” she said.

In her post, AnimalisaKeys included a screenshot from Twitch stating that she had been permabanned for “spamming violative video content.”

The defiant streamer went on to threaten taking her musical talents to another streaming service if Twitch didn’t take action.

“If ‘spamming violative video content’ means ‘performing music for a wholesome and amazing group of people’ let me know and I will go spam my violative video content elsewhere,” she warned.

A day after the pianist’s post, Twitch’s CEO chimed in and seemed equally as confused as everyone else about the creator’s ban.

“I am following up on this to figure out what is happening,” he revealed.

After some back and forth with AnimalisaKeys even explaining that her appeal had originally been rejected, the streamer got her account back. This was a massive relief, as she was afraid she wouldn’t get her account back and still has no idea why she was banned to begin with.

She also noted how other streamers had been banned for similar absurd offenses and wondered if there were plans to help them out too, however, Twitch hasn’t followed up with any updates yet.

This isn’t the first time that Clancy has had to step in to help a streamer in need. Earlier in 2024, he helped get another streamer unbanned after they made a joke about adult content in his chat.

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