Kick signs GMHikaru as latest streamer in shock announcement

gmhikaru stream screengrabTwitch: GMHikaru

Streaming platform Kick has announced via Twitter that they’ve signed Chess streamer GMHikaru, this move shocking the internet and Twitch viewers across the globe.

Kick has been slowly on the rise as a competitor in the streaming industry, challenging Twitch as the go-to website for streamers. With the website already signing streamers such as AdinRoss after his ban from Twitch, it shows no signs of stopping either, with teasers for other big names to hop over to Kick from Twitch.

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Kick hasn’t been sneaky about their plans to overtake Twitch, even taking a shot at the streaming site for sending Kai a pair of sneakers instead of a contract. Co-owner of the site Trainwrecks has been openly speaking down about the competitor site, stating in a tweet that “when these next 6 signings are announced, twitch and all of its puppet f** faces will be shook”.

Kick signs Chess streamer GMHikaru as first of 6 signings

Trainwrecks was able to showcase the first of these 6 signings today, as Kick released a shock announcement stating they’ve signed Chess streamer GMHikaru onto the platform.

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This shock announcement has taken the internet by surprise and definitely caused quite a stir. GMHikaru is no small streamer on the rival platform as well, gathering over 1.8 million followers on Twitch at the time of writing.

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The details of Hikaru’s signing are yet to be revealed, so no one is certain how long the streamer may stay on Kick, nor how much he was signed for.

This is only the first out of the 6 supposed signings that Trainwrecks has planned for Kick, with many more still to come on the horizon. However, it definitely seems that Twitch may have some competition as one of the top streaming sites.

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There have been plenty of rumors about potential Twitch superstars moving over to Kick, with AdinRoss urging Kai Cenat to swap over, as well as cryptic comments made by Asmongold about a potential swap.

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