Streamer panics after dog pulls down man’s pants risking Twitch ban

Michael Gwilliam
dog pulls down man's pants on twitch stream

IRL streams make for some of the most unpredictable content on Twitch, and one German streamer almost had his LA vacation cut short when a dog nearly got him banned.

Twitch streamer Rumathra was visiting Los Angeles and competing in a game of Geo Bingo, where he tried to locate certain landmarks and other things around the famous American city.

As Rumathra and his cohort reached Hollywood, they began to inquire about where they could find items to complete their task.

After spotting some locals, the duo asked about where they could locate certain items on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The two came across a man walking two dogs on a leash, and after getting some info about street artists, the two sought answers about the location of an ice cream truck.

“We need an ice cream truck,” one of the Twitch streamers said to the man walking his dogs.

While this was happening, one of the dogs began to sniff at another stranger holding a skateboard before suddenly leaping up and biting his pants down.

“Oh my God!” they gasped as the embarrassed skateboarder tried desperately to pull his pants up so his underwear was no longer visible for everyone to see.

The quick-thinking cameraman wasted no time in turning the camera away, but the incident was definitely a risky one, as streamers have been banned for wardrobe malfunctions in the past.

Back in 2020, Amouranth was banned from the purple platform when she accidentally exposed herself. Interestingly, that incident also happened as she was playing with a dog during the broadcast.

So far, Rumathra hasn’t been hit with any sort of discipline from the site, likely because of how accidental the whole ordeal was. In more recent years, Twitch has been more sympathetic to streamers.

Pokimane, for example, wasn’t banned in 2022 after she experienced a wardrobe malfunction.