Twitch streamer panics as drunk Tokyo man chases her in scary end to IRL stream

Sushipotato chased through tokyo by drunk manTwitch/sushipotato

A Twitch streamer’s broadcast descended into an extremely scary situation after a drunk Tokyo man chased her and forcibly ended her broadcast early, leaving viewers in the dark – both literally and figuratively.

Twitch streamer SushiPotato is well-known for her entertaining IRL streams where she roams around Tokyo, meets new people, and goes on exciting adventures.

While her streams are mostly fun-filled broadcasts, one recent stream left many viewers hoping that she wasn’t hurt after an encounter with a drunk man turned into a terrifying scene.

On August 27, SushiPotato was streaming when she met a drunk man who kept asking her out for lunch the next day and kept taking videos of her. Eventually, the two ended up swapping shirts and the streamer found herself holding onto his phone.

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Sushipotato finds photos on a man's phoneTwitch/sushipotato
Sushipotato found some disturbing photos on the man’s phone.

SushiPotato discovers disturbing photos

“His camera roll was filled with pictures of girls zoomed into their bust etc,” she told Dexerto. “He had a video of a girl where he was touching their breasts.”

A clip from her stream shows SushiPotato scrolling through his phone and discovering said content and promptly deleting it.

“This is disgusting!” she exclaimed. “Oh my God. We’re deleting all of these.”

Eventually, things turned from bad to worse for the streamer.

“I was pretty mad about the situation and the next second he asked his friend to take a photo and he groped me,” she explained.

Following this, SushiPotato realized she had to leave but was in a rough situation having traded shirts with the man.

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Terrified streamer runs from drunk man

“I tried switching back into my shirt, but he got his friend to start taking videos of me while I was changing and I felt uncomfortable. I told him to stop,” the IRL star told Dexerto.

“And at this point, I knew I had to run. So I ran with his jacket. His friend and him followed me as they continued to take videos. I told him to not take a video while I’m changing, so I can give him his jacket but he wouldn’t stop.”

A bit later, she managed to get her clothes back, but the man began chasing after her wanting his phone back, which SushiPotato says she didn’t have on her.

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As the streamer tried to get away, the drunk man gave chase behind her, grabbing hold of her before she could get into a cab.

“Stop! Stop! Get off me! Get off, please!” she cried. “Stop!”

Suddenly, the stream came to an abrupt end when the man apparently pulled the plugs for the broadcast leaving her viewers uncertain about what was happening.

Sushipotato stream endTwitch/sushipotato
SushiPotato’s stream went offline leaving fans worried.

Luckily, the streamer was unharmed, but the fiasco with the drunk man was far from over.

“After that, it was mostly a bunch of pushing and fighting as he scrambled through the bag to find the phone but couldn’t find it,” she revealed. “He took the whole bag and I tried stopping it from happening. The bag ripped and he decided to run off with the battery pack.”

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Still, the whole situation was definitely a scary one considering there was no telling how it would end. It’s always a risk when IRL streaming and meeting new people, but at least she made it through the night in one piece when everything was said and done.