Viral crowd brawl at Jake Paul fight was more entertaining than the actual event - Dexerto

Viral crowd brawl at Jake Paul fight was more entertaining than the actual event

Published: 30/Aug/2021 14:01

by Sam Comrie


Jake Paul’s bout against Tyron Woodley was the main event, but fans in the stands decided to kick the night off with an amateur exhibition of their own that has quickly gone viral online.

YouTuber and undefeated boxer Jake Paul continues to shock fans and detractors with his skills in the boxing ring. Despite being unable to fulfill his promise of getting a knockout win over Woodley, the pair slugged it out before Paul took home the split decision victory.

That may have been the main event, but the undercard also gave fans some entertaining bouts as well.

Yet, while the fans at home were watching the action in the ring, it’s a fight that happened in the stands that has gone viral.


Jake Paul Tyron Woodley
Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
The pair traded some mighty blows across their battle.

Going the distance

While Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley settled the score in the ring, the streets came calling in the seats. Reported initially by DramaAlert host Keemstar, the footage is a familiar situation of palpable tension.

The exact cause of the argument hasn’t been specified, but it was enough to provoke a brief battle that has taken over the internet in a way.

“F*ck You!” shouts one of the young men, before meeting his maker with an unexpected blow to the face.

Security was on the scene quickly to disparage any serious harm. However, the amateur nature of this short fight has sparked a variety of responses on the form of these unexpected fighters. “One punch and that man was fumbling” commented one viewer on the technique of the white t-shirt battler. Viewers didn’t hesitate to note the quality of the fight either: “Homie in the white shirt realized he ain’t about that life real quick”.


It seems that this was one of many unofficial exhibitions too, as one user pointed out: “There were 4 different fights just in the stands!”.

Wherever these gentlemen are now, we’re sure that they’ve learned a valuable lesson in street fighting.