Twitch streamer KOs monitor as VR boxing match ends in disaster

boxing vr on twitchTwitch, Zoil

A Twitch streamer started swinging for the lights during a VR boxing match and in the blink of an eye, his PC setup quickly become the accidental target.

Those who have ever played around with virtual reality will attest that separating the gameplay from your surroundings can be difficult at times, depending on the game.

Many clips have gone viral showing users falling over or hitting something they shouldn’t while wearing a VR headset.

On September 14, a streamer by the name of Zoil – who has over 150,000 followers on Twitch – was seen doing exactly that, but within the confines of a boxing ring.

This Twitch streamer’s boxing match ended in disaster

A viral clip, which has eclipsed 110,000 views on Twitch and much more on social media, shows Zoil making a few good counterpunches.

Seconds after a big shot from his opponent, the broadcaster could be seen accidentally edging nearer to the camera that sits near the monitor.

It wasn’t long before he got caught up in the moment and KOd the screen, instead of the boxer in the game.

In a jokey reply to a thread on Reddit, a user said: “Chat finally caught these hands.”

Another said, in jest: “Erobb got banned for threatening a chatter while zoil actually hit us. If Twitch didn’t have favorites he’d get clapped for 3 months.”

It just goes to show that VR games can be more immersive than even the player may realize at times. By knocking out the screen, he left his chin ready to be shattered in the center of the ring.