YouTuber wrecks rare $1.4m McLaren in viral stunt gone wrong

Eleni Thomas
mondi crashes mclaren

YouTuber Mondi, real name Edmond Barseghian, crashed a McLaren Senna worth $1.4 million in a viral video, after performing stunts in front of a large crowd.

In what has now become a viral video across social media, YouTuber and race car driver Edmond ‘Mondi‘ Barseghian crashed a McLaren Senna worth $1.4 million into a dealership. 

This particular model is a rarity, with only 500 units in existence. However, this number may have been reduced by one as a result of this incident.

The crash was shared to YouTube, Reddit and then on X/Twitter, where it quickly spread. The footage shows the driver speeding up and down the road and doing donuts for the camera. 

The clip then cuts to a later moment in which the car can be seen wedged into a building, the front of the million-dollar ride destroyed.

Barseghian acknowledged the incident in an Instagram post, confirming that he was behind the wheel and apologizing.

“I guess we went viral yesterday for all the wrong reasons, that building must’ve really wanted a collab. Sometimes all you need is a fun day at the track to recalibrate and wash the negativity away. I’m only human, so yes, this one stings. I loved that car but I will overcome.”

Barseghian added, “For those of you who want your 10 seconds of dopamine, feel free to haze me in the comments, I deserve it. I own it, lesson learned, but I will rise above. Stay safe.”

His most recent YouTube video, posted on April 25, shows Mondi taking delivery of the car, explaining how rare it is – a 1/1 to be exact, as it’s the only Senna with the Kiwi logo.

Comments on the video are already flooded with responses such as “Well that didn’t last long,” and “This aged like fine milk.” No one was seriously injured in the crash.

This isn’t his first time wrecking an expensive vehicle either. In 2023, Mondi totaled a Hummer EV – after driving it for only 9 miles.

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