Twitch streamer Lacy joins FaZe Clan as 4th new member

Michael Gwilliam
lacy joins faze clan

FaZe Clan has revealed the 4th new member as part of the “reboot” with Twitch streamer ‘Lacy’ joining the org.

FaZe Banks’ ongoing reboot of the world-famous esports and entertainment organization added yet another new member on May 1 with the addition of Lacy.

In a post on X, FaZe Clan uploaded a video about the new signing with Lacy on his couch surrounded by junk food while having an intimate conversation on his phone.

While in the midst of lying to his viewers about going to the gym, Lacy gets a phone call from an unknown number and declines the call only for FaZe Banks to appear and start knocking on his door.

It’s then revealed that Banks and the rest of FaZe had been filming him the whole time, ending with Lacy being confirmed as the latest member.

Lacy, a Fortnite pro, brings 500,000 Twitch followers to the table along with nearly 1M on TikTok and a respectable 170K subscribers on YouTube.

According to TwitchMetrics, his channel is the tenth most-watched English JustChatting on the streaming platform.

The 21-year-old joins PlaqueBoy Max, SilkySzn and Jason Ween as the four latest creators to join FaZe.

It’s not clear yet if FaZe has any more surprises up its sleeve, but Banks did, however, respond to Lacy’s signing by tweeting “4/4” suggesting that the org has wrapped up its new members for the time being.

“And that’s a fu**ing wrap,” he said in response to the Lacy reveal.

The “reboot” of FaZe Clan has been a controversial one with many long-time members such as Rain, Kalei, Agony and Sway being dropped.

We’ll have to see what more FaZe and Banks have in store for the org in the future now that its new roster has been fully revealed.