Twitch streamer grosses out Burger King employee by asking her to lick food

Michael Gwilliam
cooksux asks burger king employee to lick food

Twitch streamer ‘CookSux’ is under fire after he asked a Burger King employee to lick his food to add some “spice” to it.

Drive-thru shenanigans have been happening for years now with all sorts of ridiculous encounters involving customers and employees at restaurants, but one streamer took things too far.

It’s not uncommon to have a special request with an order. Customization options often include removing certain toppings or adding premium ones. That said, employee saliva isn’t exactly an option that many establishments are going to allow.

During a recent broadcast, CookSux was at the Burger King drive-thru when he made an absurd request that left the woman taking his order sick to her stomach.

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Now we’re here at the drive-thru, Here in line at the drive-thru!

Twitch streamer asks woman to lick his Burger King meal

When the streamer first started making his order, he and the employee seemed to actually hit it off when he made her laugh with a series of jokes and she played off of him.

“Do you have different types of chicken fries like the Doritos ones or Cheetos?” he asked, leading the employee to joke that he was at a Burger King and not a Taco Bell.

After placing his order, the woman at the Burger King asked CookSux if he would like anything else with his food and the streamer wasted no time in making her feel uncomfortable.

“Would it be more spicy if you licked it?” he asked, before immediately regretting his inquiry. “I don’t know why I said that.”

“That’s nasty!” the woman replied. “I don’t either. Second window!”

Even CookSux’s chat was thrown off by the comments, writing “yikes” while cringing from second-hand embarrassment, leading the streamer to admit he was in the wrong.

“That’s harassment,” he admitted. “I should say I’m sorry.”

Luckily, when he spoke to her at the next window, he apologized for the “horrible joke” and she was understanding, so the whole ordeal was put to rest despite the awkwardness.

It’s not known if the employee actually did fulfill the request and lick his food, but given the absurdity of this whole encounter, it’s doubtful the streamer tries that again next time he’s at a BK.