Extra Emily mortified after Popeye’s customer slams her “ridiculous” Twitch stream

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Extra Emily was left completely shocked after a customer in a Popeye’s restaurant called her out for streaming herself eating a chicken sandwich.

Like many streamers, Extra Emily sometimes brings her audience along for IRL (in real life) broadcasts, where she streams activities like kayaking, hiking, and more for her 300K followers.

However, one stranger was not happy with her for streaming in a Popeye’s location on June 31 when she was chowing down on the fast food chain’s famous chicken sandwiches.

As she was broadcasting and speaking to her viewers, a customer entered the camera frame and appeared to watch Emily eat her sandwich for a while before saying, “This is so ridiculous.”

The comment visibly stunned Emily, who said, “Excuse me? What?” through a mouthful of chicken sandwich. “Time to leave!”

“That was great. Let me clean up real quick,” Emily continued, seemingly keen to leave the restaurant out of fear she’d upset the other customer.

She was even afraid to reach down and pick up a napkin she’d dropped for fear she’d get the woman’s face on her stream.

“Are they talking about me?” she whispered as she overheard other customers laughing in the restaurant. “She said ‘YouTube.’ I’m on Twitch!”

However, it seems the customer was only there to pick up a to-go order, as she could be seen walking out the door with a large bag full of food — a development that relieved Emily, who gave a thumbs up to her viewers and quietly cheered that she “didn’t get kicked out” of the Popeye’s for streaming.

She’s far from the first IRL streamer to get a negative reaction from bystanders for broadcasting in public. In 2023, popular streamer Knut got confronted by an angry stranger who was convinced he was only filming him.

That same year, another Twitch streamer was followed by a group of men who didn’t want to be filmed, who even hit her camera as she tried to diffuse the situation in a hair-raising incident.

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