Couple slammed for licking ice cream and putting it back on store shelves

Virginia Glaze
Couple-under-fire-for-licking-ice-creamTikTok: noahglenncarter

A couple is facing backlash all over the internet after posting a video of themselves licking a tub full of ice cream and putting it back in the freezer at a grocery store.

A dangerous trend seems to be making a comeback after a couple’s video went viral.

Back in 2019, grocery stores saw a rash of incidents where customers would lick tubs of ice cream and put them back on shelves in the freezer aisle, sparking backlash from consumers and prompting hardcore security measures from stores.

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Unfortunately, it looks like this bad behavior is making an unwelcome return… and netizens aren’t happy about it.

Couple faces backlash for licking ice cream & putting it back

Influencer Tequan Hines and his girlfriend, Asia, are facing major backlash on social media after posting a clip showing themselves licking a tub of Blue Bunny ice cream at a grocery store and putting it back in the freezer.

Although the video has now been deleted, screen recordings of the clip have made the rounds online. Thanks to their tags being plastered in the video, netizens were quick to find their accounts and are sounding off in the comments.

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“So when are you both turning yourselves in?” one angry commenter wrote on their latest Instagram post. “Licking ice cream and putting it back is a felony in your state of Virginia. And you recorded it. So now it’s out there forever. Enjoy that class 3 felony.”

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“You guys need to be in jail,” another said. “Licking ice cream and putting it back is disgusting. What is wrong with you?”

It doesn’t look like Mr. Hines (no, not Duncan Hines) is bothered by all the outrage, though, as he posted a screenshot of TMZ’s coverage of the incident to his Instagram stories seemingly poking fun at the situation.

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Ice cream licker responds to backlashInstagram: tequan_asia

These commenters have a point; several other folks who pulled similar stunts in the past were met with big legal consequences, such as one man who was caught licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream. After a clip showing him licking the sweet treat went viral, he pleaded guilty to “criminal mischief” and had to spend 30 days in jail — on top of paying a $1,000 fine and a whopping $1,565 to Blue Bell Creameries as per CNN.

It’s unclear if Tequan and Asia will face similar consequences at the time of writing — but they certainly got the attention they ordered.

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This is just the latest incident to spark outrage on social media after a woman was unanimously voted off of a plane mid-flight after getting into an argument with another flier.

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