Taco Bell fight goes viral after employee hits female customers

Michael Gwilliam
taco bell employee fights customer

A chaotic fight at a Taco Bell is going viral on social media after an employee pushed some female customers during a heated exchange that turned into punches.

Working in the fast-food industry can be a real slog for some people, especially when customers can be a bit unruly as we’ve seen in iconic Waffle House brawls.

Over the years there have been countless restaurant beatdowns with raccoons being pulled out in McDonald’s scraps and guys being pistol-whipped while chairs are being used as weapons.

Now, a Taco Bell scrap is making rounds on Twitter showing an employee square off with numerous female customers before taking on a guy who came to their aid.

Taco Bell employee fights with customers

The video, which has been viewed over 4M times so far by FightHaven, begins with a couple of customers in the face of an employee who then yelled loudly right at them.

After he pushed one of the girls back, another stepped in and tried to shove him away, but the employee retaliated and engaged further, knocking her away.

At this point, a man got involved and stepped in between the employee and the ladies and began grappling with the Taco Bell worker as the two exchanged words.

Eventually, the male customer began firing off some jabs at the employee, who decided to attack back by throwing wild punches and seemed to inadvertently hit one of the girls in the commotion.

“He just hit a girl!” someone cried as another worker finally got involved to try to defuse the situation. “Call the cops!”

Unfortunately, that’s where the video ended and it’s not clear what started the altercation or how it ended, but hopefully next time there’s a feud, everyone can think outside the bun and reach an understanding before things turn physical.

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