McDonald’s drive-thru worker goes viral for sharing order machine secret

get0utm3swamp on TikTok next to TikTok and McDonald's logoTikTok: get0utm3swamp/ McDonald's

McDonald’s fans were horrified after a drive-thru employee of the fast-food restaurant revealed a shocking order machine secret on TikTok, with many swearing that they’ll be careful what they say when making their orders in the future.

TikTok has become a place where both former and current employees of some of the world’s biggest companies have shared some surprising facts about what goes on behind the scenes.

For instance, a Panda Express worker used TikTok to call out the company for supposedly not giving her a break during an 8-hour shift. Then, there was the Domino’s employee who argued he was “fired” after his less-than-flattering TikToks about its pizza-making process went viral.

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Now, a TikToker has revealed a little-known fact about life working behind the scenes at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

get0utm3swamp on TikTokTikTok: get0utm3swamp
get0utm3swamp has regularly posted TikToks about her eventful days working at McDonald’s.

TikToker shares McDonald’s drive-thru secret

In a video posted on May 16, TikToker ‘get0utm3swamp‘ revealed that when customers finish making their orders with the machine at the McDonald’s drive-thru, the workers behind the scenes can still hear what people are saying through the speaker.

“Just an FYI, as a McDonald’s worker, I can still hear you after your order. I only stop hearing you once you pull away from the speaker,” she claimed. “So keep your music and sh*t talking lower.”

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Viewers were horrified by the revelation and some of the embarrassing information they may have unknowingly shared with a McDonald’s employee.

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However, she quickly reassured TikTok users that she sometimes hears some “funny” moments: “I’ve heard moms and dads be like ‘if you don’t tell me what you want right now I swear to God, we are making this lady wait for your dumb***s.'”

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She clarified that she was aiming the comment toward people who hurt her feelings for bad-mouthing her for “just doing [her] job.” Although, she admitted that she’s also unwillingly “heard a lot of stuff” she shouldn’t have.

Drive-thru users will have to heed get0utm3swamp’s warning, as according to her, this situation can take place at “any place with a drive-thru.”

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