Twitch rejects JiDion ban appeal over a year after Pokimane hate raid

Michael Gwilliam
jidion twitch ban appeal rejected

Twitch has given JiDion an update on his ban appeal after his Pokimane hate raid back in January of 2022 and the Amazon-owned platform won’t let the creator back on the site.

In the beginning of 2022, JiDion made popular streaming sensation Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys quit her broadcast when he sent his followers into her chat to harass her.

Despite JiDion and Pokimane making up afterward and even meeting up in person to settle their differences over burgers, Twitch hasn’t reversed its decision to permaban the creator.

In a post on social media, the now-YouTuber revealed an email that Twitch sent him, updating him on whether or not he would ever be allowed back on the platform.

Twitch responds to JiDion ban appeal 475 days later

On Twitter, JiDion shared a screenshot of Twitch’s email to him, confirming that he would remain suspended over “extreme harassment.”

“We have decided your account will remain suspended due to your violation of our Community Guidelines,” they said.

Interestingly, despite the appeal decision coming 475 days later, Twitch still wrote that the suspension was “recent” – something JiDion’s supporters found to be strange.

“A year and 6 months is recent as f**k, what you mean?” JiDion joked after fans mocked the streaming site.

“Twitch doesn’t like black people very much huh?” another wrote, leading JiDion to highlight how they infamously sent Kai Cenat “cool shoes” after his record-breaking subathon instead of an exclusive contract.

Others remarked how this was a “common Twitch L” and criticized the decision.

Although JiDion may not be returning to Twitch, he has found immense success on YouTube where he’s grown his channel to over 7 million subscribers.

He’s not the only banned Twitch star to make it big on YouTube either. Notably, Dr Disrespect and IShowSpeed have both dominated the site since being kicked off Amazon’s rival streaming service.

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