TSM Daequean & Hamlinz post cryptic update after new YouTube channel appears

Daequan and Hamlinz with GfuelTwitter: GFUEL/TSM

TSM streamers Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin and Daequan ‘Daequan’ Loco have been absent from streams and videos for quite some time, and now ‘missing’ posters have been spotted around LA. 

The pair of Hamlinz and Daequan once took over Twitch in their own unique ways. Hamlinz was top-tier when it came to Fortnite, duo’ing with the likes of Tfue as he impressed with his skills.

However, the two TSM content creators have been inactive from streams, and the internet as a whole, for quite some time. They’ve infrequently dropped tweets updating fans on their health and teasing returns to streaming, but the latter just hasn’t happened.

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Yet, something could be in the works as some fans have started to connect the dots between the pair and a new YouTube channel called Find the Streamers.

Hamlinz and Daequan sitting togetherTSM
Daequan and Hamlinz have been missing for quite some time.

Cryptic tweets on Twitter

Perhaps the biggest clue of the pair’s return, has come in the form of these cryptic twitter posts. Although nothing has been confirmed, it’s safe to say that a return might be coming soon…

New YouTube channel for Hamlinz & Daequan?

While many streamers have attempted to get the pair to hop back in front of a camera, those attempts have proven fruitless. Though, on August 23, it was reported that people had started to spot ‘missing’ posters for the pair around Los Angeles.

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The posters, which feature a picture of the duo, come complete with a simple question: Have you seen these streamers? Neither Daequan nor Hamlinz names are mentioned, but there is a YouTube logo and the phrase ‘Find the Streamers.’

A quick search returns a channel that was created on August 12 with the same name and a banner picture that matches the one from the poster. So, fans have quickly suggested that they must be planning a grand return with the new channel.

Screenshot of the Find the Streamers YouTube pageScreeshot via YouTube
The mysterious new channel has gone under the radar until now.

Of course, that’s purely speculation at this point, but it might not be too wild a suggestion. It was confirmed in late 2020 that the pair had moved in together, so a new joint venture would make sense.

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As of writing, there are no videos on the channel, but it has racked up a few thousand subscribers. Sadly, there aren’t any other links that play into other clues about what might be going, so we’ll just have to wait and see.