Where are Daequan and Hamlinz? Hamlinz makes surprise return, Daequan still absent

Hamlinz and Daequan sitting togetherTSM

They were once two of the biggest streamers in the world, but after big comebacks in 2022, Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin and Daequan ‘Daequan’ Loco disappeared once again and went almost radio silent online.

The continued break is far from the first time the pair have pulled a disappearing act across Twitch, YouTube, and social media. Multiple times between 2019 and 2023, both content creators took extended breaks — some explained, others not.

Both of the NRG (formerly TSM) streamers faced struggles in their personal life, from family losses to their own health issues. In 2020, 2021, and 2022, the pair went dark with no warning numerous times.

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It’s now been months since Daequan posted any updates. But, we did get reassurance that Hamlinz is still active on social media and Twitch, after explaining to fans the reason for his extended absence in January 2022, as well as going live once again in March 2023.

Where is Daequan?

TSM Members Hamlinz, Myth and Daequan.Twitter: Team SoloMid
The pair were part of the iconic TSM trio with Myth.

Daequan’s last Twitter post came on February 11, 2022, when he posted a link to his Twitch stream, which was the last time he was live on the platform.

He hasn’t posted on his YouTube channel since his last video for his 5.2 million subscribers in January 2022. The content creator’s platforms have remained mostly silent since then, as well.

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In the video, Daequan explains what went wrong with the much-hyped ‘Thoom House’ return, giving his fans some much-needed clarity. He added that he still loves content creation and is keen to return, but so far, this hasn’t happened.

Daequan has been absent from the internet once again. This has left fans scratching their heads for a number of reasons: Why did he stop posting and when will he return?

Where is Hamlinz?

Hamlinz returned to streaming on an alt account in January 2022, after explaining to fans that he had been taking a break because he was feeling depressed.

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In addition to returning to stream, he also explained that the Thoom House was officially no more due to disagreements with NRG. That being said he still seems to be a part of the organization to this day.

Hamlinz has been a bit more active on social media than Daequan. In February 2022 he announced that he had bought his first home, and thanked fans for making it possible.

Finally, over a year later, Hamlinz went live once again on his alt account on March 8, 2023, playing Sea of Thieves and bringing back some of the old Hamlinz energy fans were used to, though he admitted to being a “little rusty.”

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Hamlinz and Daequan’s history of long breaks

When Hamlinz suffered from a cyst in early 2019, it marked his first long-term departure from streaming. Then, after a short return, he went dark again from August to October. He cited his grandmother’s breast cancer diagnosis as one of the major struggles he had been battling.

Daequan has experienced similar setbacks forcing him to take time off. Serious back pain put him out of action for much of 2019, as he would struggle to sit behind his desk for hours – a requirement of streaming all day. In December 2019, he explained that he was taking time off to focus on his physical and mental health, along with that of his girlfriend Exie.

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In January 2020, he tweeted about making the new year a good one, and that he missed his fans greatly. “I got a lot to say and show y’all,” he told his supporters.

During 2020, both Hamlinz and Daequan did some streams and videos for the release of Call of Duty: Warzone, before announcing their “return” in September 2021.

When will Hamlinz and Daequan be back?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure. Previous sabbaticals have varied in length, and they’ve been gone for much of the last two years, so it’s no certainty that their breaks are ending anytime soon.

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Of course, Hamlinz’s return in March 2023 may point to a more regular streaming schedule, though it’s hard to say for sure whether that will actually happen or if it’s just a one-off.

Thankfully, they’ve proven in the past that when they do make a comeback, their loyal fans will always be there to support them. The fact that they’ve built such large and dedicated followings is a testament to their abilities as entertainers and content creators, but for now, it looks like life is still getting in the way of them becoming permanent Twitch streamers once again.

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