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Tony Lopez hits out at people breaking into the old Hype House

Published: 14/Jun/2020 18:17 Updated: 15/Jun/2020 13:35

by Daniel Cleary


TikTok star Tony Lopez has spoken out against a group of TikTokkers who have been showing up and even allegedly breaking into the Los Angeles Hype House without permission.

Tony Lopez makes up one of half of the Lopez Brothers, who have each built a massive following on TikTok, and is also a member of the popular Hype House collective.

However, following the Hype House’s recent move into FaZe Clan’s former Clout House, a video surfaced of fans breaking into their former home, which stirred up a lot of controversy.

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The trespassers, who were posting to the page ‘Mariaulaciaaa,’ even filmed themselves dancing, in some of the TikTok stars’ old clothes that they had left behind, while wandering around the empty home.


The videos quickly went viral, albeit for the wrong reasons, and resulted in the girls receiving a lot of backlash from other fans of the Hype House.

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While Tony Lopez did not comment on the initial incident that took place, he later posted on June 14, claiming that it was not the first time or last time that fans were showing up unexpectedly.

The Hype House star explained that it was still going even after Chase Hudson had called it out, and pleaded with fans to respect the group’s privacy.

“To some fans and people who keep showing up to the hype house. Can you please stop and respect the little bit of privacy we have?” he asked.


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Hype House co-founder Chase Hudson was one of the first members to speak up about the break-in and explained to his fans that their behavior was “beyond weird.”

There have been other content creators that have had similar problems with people showing up their home, including YouTube star David Dobrik, who demanded his fans to stop stalking his home back in December.