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Chase Hudson slams TikTokkers who ‘broke into’ the OG Hype House

Published: 13/Jun/2020 11:15

by Connor Bennett


TikTok star Chase Hudson – otherwise known as Lil Huddy – has hit out at the group of TikTokkers who broke into the Hype House and wore his clothes for a few TikToks.

Like plenty of other popular content groups, the members of the Hype House recently revealed that they would be leaving their old group home in favor of a bigger spot as they have started to pick up plenty of other members.

With their old house, the OG Hype House, laying empty in the meantime, some fans have seemingly overstepped the mark and broken in – making TikToks of themselves taking a look around and even trying on a few sets of clothes that were left behind.


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Instagram: Hype
The Hype House is a collection of some of TikTok’s biggest stars.

The bizarre situation unfolded on June 12 when a group of girls and another woman made TikToks of themselves inside the pretty barren home that the Hype House group had moved on from. 

One TikTok from an account named ‘mariaulaciaaa’ showed the older woman talking about being inside the house and then going through a few leftover items that she had found. Those included a whiteboard with names on it and a small pink helmet seemingly signed by a few of the Hype House members. 

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However, that wasn’t all. Another TikTok was uploaded to that account of her dancing in Chase Hudson’s skeleton-themed jacket with another female while a pile of clothes lay behind them on the floor.


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As the bizarre videos went viral on social media, they grabbed the attention of Lil Huddy who was pretty bemused by what he had seen from the TikToks. 

“So today I woke up, checked TikTok, and saw that a few girls along with their MOTHER broke into our old house, and also took MY clothes. This is beyond f**king weird, how do people think this s**t is okay?” he tweeted. 

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The account later apologized for entering the house, claiming that they didn’t steal anything and were actually let in by a caretaker. Though, those claims have been disputed by different Hype House members. 


It remains to be seen if any further action is taken against the group of females who entered the house.