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What is a Shawty Pass? How to make TikTok’s next growing trend

Published: 13/Jun/2020 23:36

by Alan Bernal


The trend-setting clips from TikTok have given rise to a growing interest in ‘Shawty Pass’ badges for people to create and share with their friends, and here’s all you need to know to make one.

From viral dances to hilarious challenges, creators on TikTok have been devising great ways to connect with their communities by unleashing a series of easy-to-recreate concepts that anyone can do.

The latest in a long string of inventions, Shawty Passes are being touted to separate the casual video creators from the die-hard TikTokers who want to show off their creativity coupled with a personal flair, depending on how you make it.


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What is a Shawty Pass?

There are a ton of people who are putting their own touch on Shawty Passes. Simply put, the passes are basic identification plaques that show off who you are in both the information it displays and the customization that goes into it.

Usually accompanied by Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now,’ the Shawty Pass check has groups of friends all showing off their colorful creations in either digital or physical forms.

Tik Tok
TikTok users are stepping up their game with Shawty Passes

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How to make a Shawty Pass?

The idea is that anyone can create these with any template, technique, and tones of colors they want, but they all have the same idea behind them.


Your Pass can get real flashy by downloading apps like Phonto and Picsart that let you get access to customizable fonts, drop in different backgrounds, add effects, and more.

Obviously you have to have ‘Shawty Pass’ at the top and some people even choose to include their ‘level’ such as The Maximum Ultimate Shawty – but, again, creativity is key here.

@_jenahessReply to @amelia.claire0 here’s the tutorial ya’ll have been askin for!! sorry i had to repost?✨##fyp ##shawtypass ##ArtSkills ##Walmart2hrExpress♬ original sound – clairerosinkranz

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Aside from that, people list anything from their dates of birth, eye color, hair color, height, astrological signs, jobs, hobbies, and more. This isn’t an exhaustive list, get together with some friends to collaborate to see what you come up with to make yours unique.


After the finishing touches on the pass are made, show them off by showcasing them on your TikTok or go the extra mile and print them to laminate and share with your group.