David Dobrik hits out at fans stalking his house and demands they stop

Andy Williams
AHR/David Dobrik (YouTube)

YouTube sensation, David Dobrik, has vented his frustrations on Twitter after fans continue to impose on his privacy by visiting his home.

YouTube stars’ fame is often paralleled with that of some of the biggest celebrities from around the world. With the influence of social media, YouTubers often find themselves springing into the spotlight in no time at all. 

Since YouTube is a widely accessible platform, fans from around the world can tap into their favorite creator’s life within a matter of seconds. However, there is a distinct difference between being connected with your favorite personality and quite literally imposing on their life.

Casey Neistat (YouTube)Casey Neistat had an unwelcomed visitor at the 368 Offices in New York back in May, 2018.

There are various examples of high-profile creators experiencing an invasion of privacy. From a man trespassing Casey Neistat’s YouTube co-worker space, to Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg recalling incidents where fans have overstepped the mark while trying to eat dinner. 

Although, perhaps more alarmingly, fans have began invading creators’ personal space. David Dobrik’s rise to stardom places him among some of the most high-profile creators on YouTube. With just shy of 15 million subscribers, his following has snowballed in recent years.

However, the Slovak-born internet personality has now begged for fans to stop coming to his house and respect his personal space.

While David Dobrik’s house is often used as the set for some of his more extravagant scenes from his videos, it is also a home for him and his friends to enjoy some downtime away from the pressures of being a big YouTuber. 

Although there is no reported fan transgression at the time of writing, simply visiting someone’s property uninvited goes beyond what is considered moral and could be considered as trespassing, which could come with a long-list of ramifications.

This isn’t the first episode of fans turning up out of nowhere. Popular cosplayer, Jessica Nigri, released an uncharacteristically somber series of Tweets pleading for fans to respect boundaries, after a stalker visited her home back in March.

At the very extreme end of the scale, popular Twitch streamer Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm had to deal with shots being fired towards his house during a live broadcast.

Thankfully, no one was harmed during the incident. However, given that his family, including his young daughter, reside at the property, there has to be a line which fans and trolls alike must respect when considering a visit to their home — regardless of their intentions.

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