Tommy Fury hits back at KSI’s taunts after beating Jake Paul

Tommy fury slams awful ksi over jake paul tauntYouTube: JJ Olatunji, FightHubTV

Tommy Fury is hitting back at KSI after the YouTube star claimed he could “destroy” Fury in the ring following his victory over Jake Paul on February 26.

Tommy Fury has served Jake Paul with the first loss in his previously undefeated career, successfully beating out his longtime rival after multiple delays by split decision on February 26.

This long-awaited bout followed multiple delays for the pair, who had been vying for a match that got pushed back and canceled twice over due to travel issues and last-minute injuries.

Of course, being the only man to defeat the ‘Problem Child’ has opened Fury up to quite a few challenges from other would-be opponents — namely, YouTuber and rapper KSI.

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KSI notably called out Fury in a scathing Tweet the night of their fight, boasting he “would destroy both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.”

This taunt didn’t go unnoticed by Fury, who clapped back at the influencer during an interview following his victory over Paul.

Tommy Fury slams KSI: “He really is awful”

“Just more YouTube talk, innit?” Tommy said of the matter. “What do you expect out of these YouTubers? That’s all they can say, when he’s sat there at his house in London. It’s a lot easier looking at it than trying to get in the ring and doing it. It’s a completely different story.”

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“KSI? Pfft. He’s not even in my thoughts, because he really is awful. Like, I put Jake Paul above KSI, so he’s not even in my thought process at the moment.”

Following Jake Paul’s loss, a rematch clause was activated, meaning Fury and Paul will face off once again to see if the American YouTuber can exact his revenge on the only man to have defeated him — but that bout may have to wait for KSI, whose manager claimed that Paul vs KSI might be moved up to the summer to take place before the rematch happens.

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