Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury 2: Rematch clause activated after Paul’s undefeated run ends

Jake Paul and Tommy FuryInstagram: jakepaul / tommyfury

Tommy Fury has announced he is more than happy to take on Jake Paul again in a rematch after today’s boxing match, stating in a post-match interview to “Bring it on”.

Tommy Fury just took down Jake Paul earlier today in his first-ever loss in the boxing world. Judges awarded Fury victory via scorecards, with a 74-75 for Paul and 2x 76-73 for Fury, resulting in an overall victory over the influencer. After taking the loss against Fury, Paul’s rematch clause has come into effect, meaning the boxers will see a rematch sometime down the line.

Fury was incredibly grateful for the victory over Paul, giving thanks to his supporters throughout his emotional post-match interview.

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When asked if we would see him again in the ring for another fight, Fury was more than ready and willing to take on Jake Paul once more if it came to it.

“100%, this is my first main event. I’m only going to go stronger, I’m only going to go bigger and I’m only going to go better. There’s a lot of nerves coming into here, I override that. If he wants a rematch, bring it on.”

Fury was the first fighter to hand Paul a loss in his boxing career, he took it respectfully and was more than ready and believing that a rematch was on the cards for the future of the two.

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“All respect to Tommy, he won. Don’t judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses. I’ll come back, I think we deserve that rematch, it was a great fight, it was a close fight.”

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul 2: Will the rematch go ahead?

Despite losing closely to Tommy, Paul stated how proud he was of how far he had come as a boxer, saying that he has “already won in life.”

“I’ve already won, I’ve won in every single way. I have an amazing family, amazing friends, amazing work ethic. I’ve made it farther than I ever thought I would, and beyond. So this is definitely a humbling experience, I’ll take it on the chin, get back in the gym and we can run it back. Because I think we put on an amazing show for the fans tonight.”

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However, the rematch clause rule in boxing could see the two battle it out once again. In the sport, a fighter is allowed to state in their contract that, if they lose a match, their competitor will have to accept a rematch challenge and honor the deal.

Given Tommy Fury has already expressed interest in going back for more against Jake Paul, this clause could see the two go toe-to-toe once again in a rematch fight.

It appears that discussion is already underway for the next rematch to take place, as Paul announced in a press conference.

“I’m gonna go back for this rematch, I just talked to Tommy in the medical room and he’s like let’s go, let’s do it again. He’s down for it, so I think that’ll be the focus first and foremost. I’m going to prove I can go and fight a better fight than I did tonight and get that W.”

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With the close outcome of today’s match, it’s likely we’ll see Paul and Fury run it back in the ring again, which could happen later this year.