Tommy Fury bites back at Jake Paul trash-talking his new baby

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul side by side talking to cameraYouTube: BT Sport/Joe

Tommy Fury has hit back at Jake Paul after the YouTuber-turned-boxer took some shots at his and Molly Mae’s first child. 

The trash talk between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has been ongoing for a few years now, as the rivals have traded blows on social media, in press conferences, and in face-to-faces

As they’ve been gearing up to fight, nothing is seemingly off the table, as they’ve both dug into each other’s backgrounds to deliver some fiery words. 

Off the back of Tommy and Molly Mae Hague welcoming their first child on January 23, Jake even took some shots at that fact, commenting that the baby had been born just in time to see her dad lose to ‘The Problem Child’. 

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Tommy Fury downplays Jake Paul’s trash talk about new baby

Well, less than two weeks out from their long-awaited fight, Tommy has now hit back at that comment, saying “nothing can save” Jake once they finally meet. 

The younger Fury brother was quizzed about the comment as he spoke to BT Sport on February 15, and he quickly brushed it off. “Yeah, a comment, that’s it. Jake lives in this world of social media where he has most of his wars and conversations over the internet,” Tommy said. 

“I live in a world where I don’t talk, I just use my fists for a conversation if I don’t like somebody. This is what he is. I mean, I don’t know what he’s trying to do, to be fair, leaving a comment on the internet thinking that’s going to do anything to me. He can leave as many comments as he wants on my pictures, nothing can save him, and no comments will be saving him on the 26th.”

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Jake has slowed his trash talk a bit recently, stating that he has “nothing” more to say about his rivalry with Tommy. 

The pair will meet on February 26 to settle their beef once and for all, and the world will be watching.