Jake Paul & Tommy Fury separated after face-off gets heated

Jake Paul and Tommy FuryInstagram: jakepaul / tommyfury

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury had to be separated after their face-off got heated, ahead of the pair’s upcoming February fight in Saudi Arabia.

For years, Tommy Fury and Jake Paul have been trying to arrange to step into the ring for a fight, but the previous two occasions were both called off, each for different reasons.

They were initially set to fight in 2021, but Fury had to pull out of the event due to a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib. They were then supposed to fight again in August, but Fury was denied entry to the US for the press conference, meaning the fight was yet again postponed.

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Now, the pair are finally set to go up against each other on February 26 in Saudi Arabia, and they came together for an official face-off on January 28 in London.

Tensions rose when the pair stood face-to-face, and they had to be pulled away from each other once it started getting too intense.

“Come 26th of February, this sh*t’s been going on too long, he will never box again,” Fury said about Paul. “I’ve been doing this my whole life, and I swear to God, you’re finished come 26th of February.”

Jake said in response: “He’s fought taxi drivers, he has no chin, it’s all a joke. I’m ending you February 26th and you already know it. You’re going to crack under pressure, you’re not built for this moment. You’re an imposter.”

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Fury went on to say: “I was beating people better than you when I was 14, while you were messing about on Disney channel so don’t come here pretending you’re about it when you’re not.”

“He’s gonna get knocked out by a Disney star,” Jake said in return. “Plain and simple, that’s it, end of story. You’ll see, bro. You’ll see who the real professional boxer is.”

With the February 26 bout fast approaching, fans already can’t wait to see how the long-awaited match finally plays out.