Jake Paul says Tommy Fury is “going to die” ahead of February 26 fight

Jake Paul in black shirt with PFL on against black backgroundYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has threatened Tommy Fury ahead of their highly-anticipated fight, saying the pro boxer is “going to die” and he wants him to make a pretty big change to his name. 

With the end of February drawing closer and closer, we’re finally inching toward Jake Paul and Tommy fury actually fighting in the ring and settling their longtime rival. 

Tommy has assured fans that nothing will change this time around when it comes to his participation, and that he will be in Saudi Arabia for the fight. On the flip side, the deadline for Jake’s backup fight – which would have been against ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry – has apparently passed as well. 

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The pair have traded plenty of verbal jabs and trash talk in the build-up to the fight, but Jake has sent one more menacing threat as he believes he doesn’t have much else to say. 

Jake Paul sends final threat to Tommy Fury

Jake’s warning to his longtime rival came shortly after a recent training session, as his Most Valuable Promotions brand put up a video of him starting his cooldown and recovery.

In the clip, the YouTuber-turned-boxer was asked if he had anything to say to Tommy and that his longtime rival was “watching” along. 

“Nothing to say anymore,” an exasperated Jake said as he took his gloves off. “He’s going to die.”

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The warning comes just a few days after Jake threatened Tommy with another name change. This time though, instead of changing his name to Tommy Fumbles, Jake suggested Tommy should take his partner’s name and become Tommy Mae. 

The pro boxer and reality TV star has already downplayed claims that Tyson Fury may make him leave the Fury name behind if he loses to Jake, so don’t count on any other name change.