Toast and Ludwig garner support for Twitch vs YouTube boxing event after Twitter callout

Alex Tsiaoussidis

After witnessing the success of iDubbbz’s Creator Clash, Disguised Toast and Ludwig entertained the idea of hosting a Twitch vs. YouTube boxing event, and it’s gaining traction on social media.

Influencer boxing is all the rage these days. It started from humble beginnings as a means to resolve a feud between Logan Paul and KSI in 2018, followed by their rematch in 2019. Since then, it’s evolved into something more.

Jake Paul has fought former mixed-martial-arts champions like Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. Logan Paul went the distance against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather — something that nobody thought was possible.

However, despite how much it’s grown, grassroots influencer boxing is still going strong, as evidenced by the success of YouTube vs. TikTok Battle of the Platforms and now the charitable iDubbbz’s Creator Clash.

Ludwig in black shirt talking to camera
Will Ludwig host the first-ever Twitch vs. YouTube influencer boxing event?

Bearing that in mind, Disguised Toast and Ludwig Ahgren, two streamers known for their innovation, flirted with the idea of hosting an influencer boxing event of their own — one that pits Twitch streamers against YouTube streamers.

Toast was the one who conceived the idea. “Yo Ludwig, boxing event next year? Twitch streamers vs. YouTube streamers,” he said. Watching the action during Creators Clash must have ignited the fire in his belly.

Ludwig responded almost immediately. “Make it happen! We’re going to destroy you guys!” he said. He also pitched a fight between Sykkuno, who recently moved from Twitch to YouTube, and Hasan, although it’s a bit of a mismatch.

After seeing his name thrown into the hat and trying to imagine himself throwing punches at one of the most laid-back and likable streamers in the world, Hasan commended and said: “I would never be able to punch this man.”

Fans also brainstormed other fight card possibilities, including xQc vs. PewDiePie, Pokimane vs. Valkyrae, NICKMERCS vs. TimTheTatman, Dr Disrespect vs. Esfand, and a whole lot more. The possibilities are endless.

At this stage, it’s still nothing more than a thrilling idea. However, Toast and Ludwig planted the seed, and considering they both have a knack for pushing the envelope in terms of content, it could grow into something more.

Influencer boxing has come a long way. However, there’s still something special about seeing your favorite streamers lace up some gloves and duke it out in the squared circle — especially when it’s for a good cause.

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