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iDubbbz boxing card lineup

YouTuber iDubbbz is organizing an upcoming boxing event called Creator Clash, set to include major influencers from multiple social media platforms to raise money for charity. Here’s everything we know so far.

iDubbbz is an OG YouTuber who has been trying to set up a fight with fellow influencer RiceGum since 2018.

Unfortunately, their highly-anticipated grudge match fell through — but it looks like iDubbbz is still on the hunt for a bout after this years-long project came to a halt.

Recently, fight posters were revealed by Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR for an purported upcoming boxing event with iDubbbz on the title card. Now, we’ve got even more info on this upcoming boxing extravaganza. Here’s what we know so far.

creator clash influencer beatdown poster
22 YouTubers are set to face off in iDubbbz’s massive charity boxing event this summer.

Who is fighting in the iDubbbz boxing event?

Thus far, eleven matchups have been confirmed with twenty-two fighters total, making it one of the biggest influencer boxing events we’ve seen thus far. Creator Clash is being broadcast with the intent to raise “as much money as possible” for charities like the American Heart Association and other organizations chosen by the content creators involved.

Each influencer taking part in this unexpected showdown has reportedly trained with professional boxing coaches for over six months and are taking the event “very seriously.”

iDubbbz vs Doctor Mike

iDubbbz versus Doctor Mike is set for the title card. Doctor Mike is a notable YouTuber with over 9 million subscribers, alongside his title as a Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor.

His stint in the ring might come as a surprise to some fans, but it’s worth noting that he’s been boxing recreationally for some time — and he even sparred with female boxing legend Amanda Serrano earlier in March.

idubbbz vs doctor mike
The Creator Clash fight card has YouTubers iDubbbz vs Doctor Mike as its title fight.

JustaMinx vs Yodeling Haley

Twitch star JustaMinx is set to face off against TikTok star Yodeling Haley. Minx has hinted at upcoming boxing exploits over on her Twitter account.

Yodeling Haley vs Minx
TikToker Yodeling Haley is set to face off against Twitch streamer JustaMinx.

Graham Stephan vs Michael Reeves

Also set to star on this card is Graham Stephan, a financial content creator, versus OfflineTV’s resident robotics expert Michael Reeves. This bout is certainly bound to be an interesting one, to say the least.

stephan vs micheal reeves
Graham Stephan is facing off against Michael Reeves.

Creator Clash secures professional boxing match

That’s not all; Creator Clash has added two pro fighters to its already stacked card. Thus far, it looks like this pro bout will feature super middleweight fighter Fabian ‘Sauce’ Lopez and light heavyweight boxer Radivoje Kalajdzic.

Other fights on the card include:

  • SuperMega’s Matt Watson vs Dad
  • Harley from Epic Meal Time vs the Game Grumps’ Egoraptor
  • SuperMega’s Ryan Magee vs YouTuber Alex Ernst
  • I Did A Thing vs TheOdd1sOut
  • Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik vs DJ Welch of Animators vs Games
  • Ab ‘Starkilla’ Ayad vs Muscle Party’s Hundar
  • Alex Wassabi vs TBA

All fights on the card, aside from the main event, will be fought in five, two-minute rounds.

The main event between iDubbbz and Doctor Mike will consist of a four-round bout, with three minutes per round.

Although not sanctioned as a pro fight, the main event will be “simulated as close to a pro fight as [the commission] will allow.”

When is the Creator Clash boxing event?

The Creator Clash boxing event is set to go down at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, on May 14, 2022.

It is being streamed via live broadcasting platform Moment House.

Where to get Creator Clash boxing event tickets

Creator Clash will be streamed live on Moment House. Fans can get streaming tickets right now at the official Creator Clash website, starting at $19.99. In-person event tickets will go on sale on April 8.

Other influencers in Creator Clash boxing event

A slew of other high-profile names are set to join the production for color commentary, interviews, and more.

Esports host Akinola Verissimo is set to kick things off as the in-ring announcer, bringing his casting chops to the boxing ring for the first time.

Twitch star xQc is joining the ever-increasing lineup of internet stars involved in iDubbbz’s charity boxing event.

The W.A.D.E. Concept joins the fray as the main commentator for the night, joined by such color commentators as Twitch star xQc, martial artist an content creator FaZe Sensei, and even YouTube critic, MoistCr1TiKaL.

Pre-fight interviews will be hosted by none other than Twitch streamer Esfand, and post-fight interviews are being helmed by horror YouTuber Chills.

iDubbbz speaks out on charity boxing match

“I’m trying to set the stage for you guys that this is going to be a good fight,” iDubbbz said of the upcoming event. “This isn’t a joke, this isn’t a parody event. …this is going to be unlike any other influencer boxing event.”

“We want to show the boxing community as a whole that we’re not trying to step on anyone, we’re not trying to make a bag. We’re just trying to have fun and give back.”

This news follows Jake Paul’s announcement of another upcoming fight in August, making this year a packed one for fans of YouTube boxing.

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