Hasan explains why Twitch streamers “can’t be open” about their dating lives

Emma Hill
Hasan streaming on Twitch

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker has opened up about the struggles that he and fellow content creators have to face when it comes to dating.

Streamers are regularly quizzed about their personal lives by fans, with one particularly recurrent topic being their dating lives.

Although some streamers are open about their relationships, others keep them secret so that some parts of their lives remain private. However, it can also be to protect their partner from the pressures of being in the public eye, especially if they aren’t a celebrity.

Now, popular streamer Hasan claims that streamers “can’t ever be open” about their love life due to the backlash it would spark from “psychotic” fans.

Hasan streaming
As well as opening up about his personal life, Hasan claimed that streamers regularly have to deal with stalkers.

Hasan on the struggles of dating as a streamer

Hasan was reacting to Pokimane’s interview with Anthony Padilla on May 13, when her comments trying to date as a streamer prompted Hasan to open up about his own experiences.

Although streamers are constantly in the public eye, the 30-year-old explained why they should keep their dating lives private.

“When you’re a Twitch streamer you just can’t ever be open about that sort of sh*t,” Hasan claimed. The reason being is that it provokes attacks from “psychotic” trolls online.

He also stated that it is no different for streamers who date a fellow creator, saying that it “should all be kept private.”

Hasan claims streamers can’t date ‘Normans’

During his stream, Hasan agreed with Pokimane that it can be difficult for creators to date individuals from outside the streaming community because it opens them up to being attacked by trolls. However, it can be just as difficult for those dating a fellow streamer.

“You can’t date ‘Normans’ when you’re a Twitch streamer because you’re literally opening them up to doxxing and harassment campaigns because people can’t hold themselves,” Hasan said. “You can’t date another content creator because then you have two psychotic fanbases that are working in unison.”

Hasan admitted how fortunate he is to be a streamer and there are certainly many benefits of the job. But, according to him, balancing a hugely successful streaming career and a love life isn’t one of them.

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