FaZe Banks explains his decision to double down on Okay Bear NFT investment

Banks NFT screenshotOkay Bear/YouTube: FaZe Banks

YouTube mogul FaZe Banks has gone deep into his decision to invest in the Okay Bear line of NFTs even if it does cause quite the stir among his community.  

Banks has established himself as one of the biggest advocators for NFTs in all of the gaming space.

Back in August 2021, the 30-year-old opened up about his experience investing in the popular Crypto Punk line and how it netted him a profit of around $750,000 in a week’s time.

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Now he’s gone public with another investment and is getting out ahead of things by explaining exactly why he thinks Okay Bear is the future.

Banks explains his decision to invest in Okay Bear NFTs

FaZe-Banks-cryptoTwitter: FaZe Clan
FaZe Banks has made another NFT investment public and it has proved to be quite controversial.

In a series of May 14 Instagram Stories, Banks explained that his decision to publicize the comes from a tender spot within him.

The social media star says that not only did the Web3 space push him to get sober but that he believes it has the power to bring other people up in various ways as well.

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“The most fulfilling aspect of my Web3 experience is seeing other people win and being able to educate and participate in those wins.”

After noting that his decision wasn’t a particularly popular one elsewhere on the internet, Banks highlighted that this situation only ends one of two ways: “I’m either right and look like a genius or I look like an idiot.”

He also noted that anyone considering following in his footsteps should be appropriately cautious, seemingly referencing the dramatic fall-off that both Bitcoin and Ethereum suffered on the weekend of May 13: “I’ve seen success in this space, but who knows, I could be totally f***ing wrong about this.”

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This is just the most recent example of Banks being outspoken about the future of Web3.

He has previously detailed his plans to invest money in the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Otherverse, and has also criticized other content creators for their activity in the space.