TimTheTatman claims Twitch might not let him play with Dr Disrespect off-stream

. 1 year ago
TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect play video game

Twitch star TimTheTatman stunned fans when he revealed that he may not even be able to play video games with his friend Dr Disrespect off-stream.

Ever since Dr Disrespect was banned on Twitch back on June 26, 2020, fans everywhere have been wondering what he did to get permanently banned on the platform.

With Doc insisting he had no idea what he did wrong (and Twitch themselves refusing to reveal the reason why), speculation has run wild for nearly a full year.

While the two-time’s ban forced him to change platforms and now stream on YouTube, part of Twitch’s rules prohibits other streamers from playing with him during their own broadcasts.

Dr Disrespect on YouTube
YouTube/Dr Disrespect
Playing with Dr Disrespect may be a problem even off-stream.

According to Twitch’s moderation and safety article, if “a banned user appears in a third party channel while being suspended, this could cause the ban of the channel they appear in.”

However, this may even extend to those trying to play with Doc off-stream too. During an April 14 broadcast, TimTheTatman was asked by a viewer about the possibility of teaming up with Doc on his own time.

“Have you ever considered to play with Doc without streaming it?” the fan asked. “It would be banger.”

“I don’t think I can,” Tim replied with an eye roll. “Stupid.”

It’s unclear why exactly Twitch would have this policy in place. It is possible that Tim was under the impression that if he played with Doc, the two-time might be streaming in the process, which may be against Twitch rules for partnered streamers.

Nonetheless, the fact that Tim doesn’t even know if he can play with his friend off-stream is a serious issue – and unfortunately, not one that the Warzone streamer elaborated on.

Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman at TwitchCon
Tim and Dr Disrespect are very good friends.

That said, he and Doc appear to remain close, as a viewer followed this up by making fun of Doc’s skill in Warzone.

“Hey, don’t be mean to my friend Doc! Only I can be mean to him,” Tim scolded. “He does suck though.”

We can only hope Twitch decides to be more liberal with its rules in the future and actually allow the violence, speed and momentum to course through the platform in some capacity again in the future.

Until then, it’s unlikely we will get a chance to see Doc and Tim reunite, but if it ever happens, it will be quite the spectacle.

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