Ninja responds to Ludwig breaking his all-time Twitch sub record


Twitch streamer Ludwig has officially broken Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ longstanding Subscriber record on the site, with the former record-holder offering his congratulations to the new top dog.

Ludwig’s month-long odyssey of a subathon is entering its final few days and while it’s something the streamer says it’s not something he ever wants to do again, he’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and now broken Ninja’s longstanding record for most subscribers.

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On April 13, Ludwig passed Ninja’s mark of 269,155 subs, and that number will probably keep going up as long as the subathon keeps going.

“There it is, you were here, this is the new record on Twitch for most subscribers all time,” Ludwig told viewers with a salute. “Holy s**t that was insane.”

Despite poking some fun at the former champ with that infamous “what did you say to me you little…” clip we all know and love, Ninja offered the new record holder his congratulations once it was official.

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“Records are meant to be broken, I would be lying if I said wasn’t a little sad,” Ninja replied on Twitter. “But congrats @LudwigAhgren on holding the new sub record on twitch.”

The American streamer began gaining on Ninja in the last few weeks of his non-stop broadcast until it was practically inevitable he would overtake him eventually.

Another factor that helped him overtake the famous Fortnite star was the fact Ludwig intends to donate all the sub money made from the final day of the subathon to charity, another high point to a stream that’s definitely changed his life.

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The moment Ludwig broke Ninja’s Twitch all-time sub record.

Even though it’s been a massive success, Ludwig claimed he probably won’t be doing another month-long stream ever again, because it could never be as good as the original.

“The reason I would never do one again is very simple,” Ludwig explained. “And it’s the reason why you shouldn’t make a sequel to the movie The Hangover… It’ll never be as good as the original.”

How he’s going to follow-up on this once-in-a-lifetime stream remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: no one would blame Ludwig at all for taking a bit of a break after this legendary run.

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