Why Dr Disrespect won’t play Apex Legends on YouTube anymore

Dr Disrespect Apex Legends YouTubeTwitter: Dr Disrespect / Respawn

Dr Disrespect hasn’t played Apex Legends in a long time, and although he’s softened his stance on the game and even admitted he likes it, he told fans the reason why he still won’t play it.

It’s been a while since fans have seen Dr Disrespect roam around the battlefield on Apex Legends. He vowed never to play it again more than a year ago, and so far, he’s remained true to his word. The Doc even explained why he prefers Call of Duty: Warzone.

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But that still hasn’t stopped fans from asking him if they’ll ever see him play the game again. It happened as recently as his latest stream when a fan popped the question after donating.

The Doc got a little tongue-tied at first, but he eventually responded and explained that although he’d like to, there’s a reason why he can’t.

Dr Disrespect with memoirTwitter: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect hasn’t played Apex Legends in more than a year.

“I mean I can [play Apex], but the problem with YouTube is that they have no streaming community,” he said.

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In his view, he needs to play one of the “top three or top four most popular games” on the platform and believes Apex Legends isn’t one of them. 

“If I just casually move over to Apex, a game that’s old. [It’s been out for] a year or two. I mean, sh*t,” he added, implying it won’t make the cut in terms of viewership.

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However, it seems like he’s at least softened his stance on the game. He admitted it was a “good game” and even said he “liked it,” which is a stark contrast to what he’s said in the past.

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The relevant part of the video starts at 1:31:39.

However, for now, the Doc isn’t willing to play Apex Legends anytime soon.

That doesn’t mean it might not happen again at some point, especially since he admitted he likes it. It will be interesting to see if he changes his mind.

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