TikToker pleads with Doordash for refund after driver gets injured on the job

Eleni Thomas
Doordash shattered delivery

A TikToker recently shared how she was unable to get a refund on Doordash despite her order not being delivered. She has now called out the delivery service for refusing to give her money back after the driver was in a minor car accident and left her order destroyed on the ground.

TikToker Nia (@bittnia) posted a new video on the app, calling out Doordash for refusing to refund an order she placed despite it never getting completed. To make matters worse, the order got completed because her delivery driver was involved in a minor accident.

“While my Dasher was waiting for me to come outside, he got hit. He messaged me that he got hit,” she began.

As explained in the TikTok, Nia revealed how when she opened her door, what followed was glass shattered all over her front yard and the driver nowhere in sight.

“This is what I saw, broken glass, empty bottles, and he was gone.”

She then continues, “Long story short, I did not get a refund. I checked today, and they said I was not getting a refund. I called five times and spoke to several customer service people—some … were very nice, and some very mean. I got hung up on twice.” 

Nia then explains that she was told she would not receive a refund, with Doordash firm in making her pay the $25 undeliverable fee. The company detailed that the reasoning for the fee was “for people who are underage or too intoxicated to receive a delivery.” 

This statement is featured on the Doordash website when enquiring about the purchasing of alcohol.

However, Nia was quick to then add that none of these aforementioned scenarios applied to her and as a result, she is calling out the delivery company.

“Obviously, it wasn’t my fault, but I still have to pay the fee, so please tag DoorDash. I want my $30 back,” she says.

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