Thomas Petrou opens up about what it felt like to be “canceled”

Thomas Petrou CanceledThomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou might be controversial and polarizing, but the Hype House co-founder opened up about his struggles and what it felt like to be ‘canceled.’

Thomas Petrou has been in and out of drama for many months now. In 2019, he was fired from Team 10 three months after joining. However, he claims it happened for “no reason” other than “a few complaints about a few things.”

Then, he co-founded The Hype House, only to find himself in more drama. First, Daisy Keech left the house and sued Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson for allegedly leaving her out of important decisions, which he denied.

Shortly after, Bryce Hall claimed Thomas Petrou developed unhealthy spending habits and had been stealing money from Hype House members. He denied these claims, but in a bizarre twist, seemed to purposefully embrace the drama.

Thomas Petrou CanceledThomas Petrou
Thomas Petrou has been involved in all kinds of drama.

The non-stop controversy and drama painted Thomas Petrou in a bad light. Like so many other celebrities and internet personalities who have done wrong, people on social media started calling for him to be canceled.

But while Thomas Petrou might not be a saint by any stretch of the imagination, he’s still a human. He recently opened up about what it was like to be on the receiving end of all the hate and explained how it had taken a toll on him too.

“When I got canceled [six or seven] months ago, every morning off-camera when my friends were sleeping at 7am, when I was going through my drama, I would wake up and throw up,” he said.

“It was hard to wake up with the comments I was getting,” he added. “[And] with the stuff that I was going through, that a lot of people still don’t know [about].”  

Cancel culture is a divisive topic for many reasons. However, the most predominant one is that, while there’s no harm in acknowledging and punishing celebrities for their wrongdoings, it can lead to excessive harassment on social media.

Thomas Petrou has been a victim of that, and while some believe he deserves the backlash, others have been calling for a little sympathy and understanding.

In the end, it’s hard to know what someone is going through, even for those in the public eye.