Bryce Hall exposes Thomas Petrou for trying to start “fake beef” in DMs

Virginia Glaze
Bryce Hall and Thomas Petrou speak to the camera during their vlogs.

The beef between TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Thomas Petrou has taken a confusing turn, after Petrou allegedly reached out to his Sway House rival in an attempt to stir up a “fake” feud.

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The Sway House’s Bryce Hall has not been shy about his distaste for Thomas Petrou, co-founder of the Hype House and a famous TikToker in his own right.

It’s more than a Sway House vs Hype House beef, though; Hall accused Petrou of stealing money from TikTokers in the HH, as well as criticizing his spending habits and claiming he goes through money “like an idiot.”

While Petrou has denied any claims of stealing from the Hype House influencers, it seems that he’s not necessarily trying to avoid the drama, according to alleged direct messages sent to Hall.

Hall shared the purported DMs in a snarky Tweet on October 22, which showed Petrou asking the Sway House creator if he could make an appearance on his ‘Capital University’ podcast to hash out their differences.

“Hey, the internet is boring right now,” Petrou wrote. “Wanna talk through our issues on your podcast?”

It doesn’t look like Hall is interested, though, as he shot back with a, “HAHAHA, you’re a meme, bruh.”

That’s not all; Hall even accused Petrou of trying to start “fake beef” with him after sharing the messages to Twitter.

“This is the guy that claims I’m obsessed with him, then texts me trying to start fake beef because the ‘internet is boring,’” he said of their exchange. “Here’s a link to my YouTube if you’re bored, bro.”

That was just the tip of the iceberg, it seems, as Petrou shared their full conversation to his Instagram Stories, which shows Hall asking Petrou to box him (and even threatening to send him to the hospital) — a prospect that Petrou himself isn’t a fan of.

The entire convo is certainly something: Bryce Hall is itching to take out his frustrations against the Hype House founder in the ring, while Petrou wants them to sort their differences in an “adult” manner, leading to a pointed analysis of their messages over the course of their discussion.

The tea is piping hot, and fans are largely divided as to who is in the right, in this scenario.

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