TikTok star Thomas Petrou accuses Daisy Keech of lying about Chase Hudson

Instagram: Chase Hudson / Daisy Keech

Hype House co-founder Thomas Petrou has hit back at Daisy Keech, accusing her of lying about the Hype House drama, after she took legal action against him and fellow founder Chase Hudson, aka Lil Huddy.

In what is becoming the first great TikTok drama, the Hype House leadership appears to be falling apart, as Daisy Keech has laid out serious accusations against her now-former friends.

All TikTok famous, these stars literally came together under one roof to collaborate and create content together (mostly filming dance routines in the bathroom), but a dispute has somewhat predictably arisen.

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Daisy Keech on InstagramInstagram: Daisy Keech
Daisy Keech was one of the original members of the Hype House.

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The trio of Daisy, Thomas and Chase apparently spearheaded the whole Hype House project, but now Daisy says she’s effectively been ousted. First from the decision-making process, and now from the house itself.

Daisy claims that she spent a large sum of her own money to help get the deposit for the house itself, but then claims she was given no authority over any of the decision making. “He somehow has authority over everything, because he is the only one with access to all of the social media accounts and emails,” Daisy said about Petrou.

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But he has now hit back, posting a TikTok comment to say “I’m over these lies. My name’s on this lease along with Alex and Kouvr. The real truth coming out real soon.”


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This contradicts what Keech claimed — that she was named on the lease. After Daisy’s video was posted, Petrou simply responded by writing “lies on lies on lies” on Instagram.

It’s likely that Thomas, and perhaps Chase, will release their own videos in response to Daisy, although now that there is a lawsuit involved, they may also be advised against speaking out.

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Daisy has not spoken on the issue publicly since her initial video, in which she said it would be the last time she addressed the situation, rather than having an ongoing public dispute. But, it looks like Petrou is ready to speak out.

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